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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Public Access?

Public Access is a creative venue provided to the public by cable companies in the areas of a state in which they provide cable service, called Franchise areas.  

Who can use a Cox CT PATV15 facility?

Anyone who lives in a Cox Communications CT franchise area can use the PATV15 facility that serves that franchise area.

How do I choose a PATV15 Facility?

Visit the HOME PAGE , hover over the text to the right of the CT State map & identify your town in one of the 3 Franchise areas.

Do PATV15 services Cost Anything?

Cox PATV15 video production services including: training, studio use & equipment  use are offered  free of charge to local producers. 

What kind of shows can I produce?

The subject matter of your show is entirely up to you, however, commercialism, obscenity & inciting violence or hatred is not allowed.    Find more details here.

What is a producer vs a sponsor ?   Answer Here

Additional info can be found in the Producers Handbook in each franchise section.

With state of the art editing suites, remote camera equipment and professional studios, we offer you the ability & freedom to produce television programming of your own creation to share with your community and beyond. The subject matter is entirely up to you. All shows produced and submitted to Cox PATV15  are broadcast on Cox Public Access channel 15 in the corresponding franchise area.
"You produce it, we air it."     
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