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Getting started is easy.

Determine which                                         you live in and contact the staff at that facility via email or phone.  They will help you become a member and will work with you to decide the best approach for you to achieve your goals. We provide training in camera operation including audio and lighting, video editing using state of the art editing software and studio production at all three PATV15 Facilities. 
Simply put; we will train you to produce a professional looking a television show and provide you & your crew with everything you need .
Your show will then be broadcast on Cox Public Access channel 15, On Demand at & shared on your social media platform if you want.
All services at a PATV15 Facility are FREE and are provided on a first-come, first-served,
non-discriminatory basis. You can visit our FAQ page for more information, or contact us. 

PATV15 franchise area

With state of the art editing suites, remote camera equipment and professional studios, we offer you the ability & freedom to produce television programming of your own creation to share with your community and beyond. The subject matter is entirely up to you. All shows produced and submitted to Cox PATV15  are broadcast on Cox Public Access channel 15 in the corresponding franchise area.
"You produce it, we air it."     
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